About Me – Talks And Presentations


  • Machine Learning at Amazon. Invited Talk at the Andalucía Digital Week, Sevilla (ES).
  • The Future of Language Technology. Panel Discussion at the University of Cambridge (UK).









  • “Search, Recommendations and Personalization: text and beyond”, Panel at Telefonica Open Research Day, Barcelona.
  • Exploiting Entity Graphs for Searching and Understanding information, talk at the UCL Engineering Mathematics group, Louvain.
  • Ranking text in search of knowledge and wealth, The Mathematics of Ranking, Belgian Mathematical Society, Brussels.
  • Improving Search with Semantic Technologies: Current Research Directions, European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC 2008), Vienna.
  • The Natural Language Retrieval Architecture: Text Analysis Pipeline and First Applications, Yahoo! TechPulse presentation, San Jose.
  • UCM-Y!R at CLEF 2008 Robust and WSD tasks. CLEF 2008 Workshop, CLEF 2008, Aarhus.
  • Trying to Find Answers to Complex Questions ECIR 2008 Industry Day (invited talk), Glasgow.
  • Correlator: an Entity Ranking and Visualisation Demonstrator SIGIR 2008 Workshop on Aggregated Search (invited talk), Singapore
  • ECIR Workshop: Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval, ESAIR 2008(organiser), Glasgow.
  • Understanding the Web at Yahoo! Research Barcelona* Masters Ingenieria Web (U. Oviedo), Oviedo.
  • The Probabilistic Relevance Model: BM25 and Beyond (SIGIR 2008 Tutorial), Singapore.
  • Improving Search with Natural Language Processing, Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK).
  • Beyond Web 2.0: Understanding User Generated Content. BDigital Global Congress, Web 3.0 Pannel (invited), Barcelona.


* Anotaciones semánticas: unidades de busqueda del futuro? [Semantic annotations: search units of the future?] Jornadas MAVIR (Madrid, Nov.07)

  • Predictive User Click Models Based on Clickthrough History, CIKM’07 (Lisbon, Nov.07)
  • La Próxima Red (mesa redonda) [The Next Web (pannel)] ART FUTURA (Barcelona, Oct.07)
  • Beyond string search: fast and accurate retrieval of entities and dependencies, U. Edinburgh (Oct.07)
  • Beyond string search: fast and accurate retrieval of entities and dependencies, invited talk to the ECML/PKDD 2007 industrial track. (Warsaw, Aug.07)
  • Beyond string search: fast and accurate retrieval of entities and dependencies, U. Santiago (invited by Losada and Barreiro) abstract. (Santiago de Compostela, Aug.07)
  • The Probabilistic Relevance Model: BM25 and Beyond (SIGIR 2007 Tutorial), Amsterdam (NL). (Jul.07)
  • Learning to Rank (SIGIR 2007 Workshop. Panelist), (Amsterdam, Jul.07)
  • HITS on the Web: How does it compare? SIGIR 2007, Amsterdam (NL). (Jul.07)
  • Serving Sophisticated Queries NOOJ Conference 2007 Barcelona (Spain). (Jun.07)
  • Entender lo que dice la Web: Busqueda Semantica y Busqueda Social. [Understanding the Web: Semantic Search and Social Search] International Internet Day lecture, Centro Politécnico Superior, Zaragoza (Spain) 2007.
  • Redes Sociales [Social Networks] Pannelist in IGC2007 Barcelona (Spain).
  • Mas allá de la búsqueda web: tipos semánticos y búsqueda de la información. [Beyond Web search: semantic types and information retrieval] Imaginática 2007, Sevilla (Spain).
  • Introduction to Web Search and Term Dependence Issues in Document Retrieval. Web Information Retrieval and Linear Algebra Algorithms. Dagsuthl Seminar (Germany), 2007.
  • Búsqueda de Información Tipada: “Encuentra las fechas más importantes respecto a el calentamiento global”. [Searching typed information] Seminarios en Ingeniería Informática y de Telecomunicación, UNAM, Madrid(Spain).