Introductory Readings in Machine Learning for Business

Reading list for my “Machine Learning for Business” introductory course. It only lists introductory material which is available online for free.

Hugo Zaragoza (<>). Last update: 2016-12-23.

Machine Learning for Business

Chris Taylor: A better way to tackle all the data

Machine Learning and Cognitive Systems: The Next Evolution of Enterprise Intelligence

Machine Learning and Cognitive Systems, Part 2: Big Data Analytics

Machine learning applications: Five innovations that will change our lives within five years

Six Novel Machine Learning Applications

10 Surprising Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Foster Growth

Medical Sector

Machine learning and health care mean 6M for Predilytics

‘Machine learning’ may contribute to new advances in plastic surgery


Doctors will routinely use your DNA to keep you well

Cyber-Security and Fraud Detection

How PayPal beats the bad guys with machine learning

When Cyber Security Meets Machine Learning

Machine Learning sets new standard in network based application whitelisting

Hospitality Sector

How the hospitality sector is slowly waking up to Big Data analytics

Reaching Beyond the Stars: How to Mine the Best Insights from your Hotel Reviews


How Predictive Keyboards Work (and How You Can Train Yours Better)


Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning Power Staples Ordering System

Buying local will beat online


The classroom will learn you

Smart Cities, Transporation and Energy

The city will help you live in it

Predictive Analytics for Traffic

Google taps machine learning technology to zap data center electricity costs


How Microsoft is Helping Conservationists Protect The Masai Giraffe

Text analytics and machine learning: Power to the people

Machine Learning Algorithms


Introduction to machine learning: five things the quants wish we knew

Pedro Domingos: A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning

Christopher Bishop: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Wikipedia Book: Machine Learning – The Complete Guide


Raul Rojas, Neural Networks – A Systematic Introduction

Ivan Vasilev: From Perceptrons to Deep Networks

Feature Engineering

Discover Feature Engineering, How to Engineer Features and How to Get Good at It

The Future

The Future of Machine Intelligence (free Ebook from O’Reilly, 2016)

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